A Tradition in Elegance

Our current customers have access to our catalog and resources section of our site. In this password protected area are our vendor catalogs, as well as any promotional materials provided by our vendors for your use. If you'd like access to this section of the site, please contact your territory rep!

Core Belief

Penny’s core belief is to provide beauty & inspiration to her customers.

Penny’s core belief is to provide beauty & inspiration to her customers offering an amazing collection of unique decorative accessories from around the world in the latest styles & affordable prices.


Her staff always has the latest buzz regarding trends & they are available to help you merchandise your store, provide training & product knowledge to your staff & attend special events. They have a passion for selling & will become an integral part of your business.

If you ask a buyer what makes a great sales rep you’ll hear the same attributes: integrity, trust, loyalty, communication, professionalism & commitment. This is what Penny’s team stands for. We can’t wait to see you in your stores & at major markets around the country.


Stay On Trend

By partnering with your Penny Harrison Rep, you’re enlisting thousands of hours of research, knowledge, and resources. We stay abreast of new trends and styles, and we can help you do the same. Whether you’re looking for bestsellers or you’d like to try something new and different, we’d love to partner with you and help you be successful.

Source New Product

As vendor reps, we are constantly traveling, learning, and sourcing new products in an effort to stay out in front of the next big thing. Let us partner with your shop and bring that knowledge and expertise to your business!

Watch Sales Soar

Keeping with tried and true product is important, but only to a point. Eventually you might find those products struggling – but with Penny Harrison and Company as your partners helping you bring in fresh and new items that compliment your shop, you’ll see customers returning to explore what’s new. Watch your sales soar!